The 22 Countries That Have Agreed to Resettle Syrian Refugees

Two Syrian sisters prepare to board their first flight in Beirut to start a new life in Hannover. © IOM

Two Syrian sisters prepare to board their first flight in Beirut to start a new life in Hannover. © IOM/Remi Itani

July 1, 2014 – Germany leads among countries that have agreed to resettle Syrian refugees with the country pledging to admit 25,500 Syrians that have fled to a neighboring country, including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

The UN Refugee Agency called for states to provide 30,000 resettlement places for Syrian refugees in 2013-14 and an additional 100,000 in 2015-16 with a focus on the most vulnerable, especially women and girls, people with medical needs, refugees at risk due to their sexual orientation, those facing persecution because of religious or ethnic identity and vulnerable older adults.

European countries dominate the list of 22 countries that have agreed to provide resettlement for 34,722 Syrians with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Uruguay the only non-European countries to make firm pledges on resettlement. The US has also agreed to take an open-ended number of refugees.

The United Kingdom is not among the countries that have signed up with the UN Refugee Agency’s resettlement program but it has resettled Syrian refugees as part of its vulnerable persons relocation scheme.

These are the 22 countries that have agreed to admit 34,722 Syrian refugees from a second country in 2014.

Australia – 500
Austria – 1,500
Belarus – 20
Belgium – 150
Canada – 1,300
Denmark – 140
Finland – 500
France – 500
Germany – 25,500
Hungary – 30
Ireland – 310
Liechtenstein – 4
Luxembourg – 60
Netherlands – 250
New Zealand – 250
Norway – 1,000
Portugal – 23
Spain – 130
Sweden – 1,200
Switzerland – 500
USA – open-ended number
Uruguay – 120

Data provided by UNHCR.

– Denis Fitzgerald
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