Pre-Trial Detention Overcrowding Tunisia’s Prisons

April 28, 2014 – More than half of those detained in Tunisia’s prisons have not yet stood trial and in some instances have been behind bars for up to three years waiting to have their cases heard.

These are among the details in a UN human rights office report released on Monday on the state of prison’s in the North African country where a popular uprising in 2011 overthrew the country’s autocratic regime.

The report says that the high number of pre-trial detainees is causing over crowding and those accused of minor offenses are housed in the same institution as those convicted of serious crimes.

In Manouba Women’s Prison, one dormitory held 60 inmates but only ten of them had been convicted. The report also notes the high number of university students imprisoned for drug offenses and recommends a progressive approach to drug consumption offenses from fines to sentence suspension, then imprisonment.

The full report is here (Arabic).

Denis Fitzgerald
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Image: Wikimedia